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2024 Virtual Endometriosis Conference-

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Latest News at Worldwide EndoMarch

Substantial under-reporting of endometriosis-associated cancer risk due to research methodological design flaws

Improper stratification obscures true extent of risk for endometriosis-associated cancers: More than 120 years ago, early endometriosis researchers, like Dr. Thomas Cullen, were actually already speculating about whether certain atypical forms of endometriosis* had some association with certain cancers. Flash forward to modern times and this association is well-established in

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Endometrioma/Chocolate Cyst vs Hemmorhagic Ovarian Cyst: Which is it or both?

One of the most common ways endometriosis patients get sent down decade-long (or more!) diagnostic derailments is when their endometriotic ovarian cyst (endometrioma/chocolate cyst) is misdiagnosed as a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst – or other forms of usually (but not always!) harmless, so-called ‘normal functional ovarian cysts.’* To the untrained eye,

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Official EndoMarch Teams Recaps for 2024, Plus Administrative Updates

ENDOMARCH 2024 HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS This is just a brief post to give a few updates & shout outs to EndoMarch teams from around the world, who have been working overtime during this past March for Endometriosis Action Month 2024. Our volunteers are working as quickly as possible to put together

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Nerves and Endometriosis: How neuroangiogenesis, nerve invasion, and nerve impingement contribute to excruciating pain

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Endometriosis Breakthrough: 1 Billion Reasons to Fight!

A monumental victory for women’s health! President Biden signed a groundbreaking executive order pledging a historic $12 billion for research and innovation. This, alongside groundbreaking research by the EndoMarch founders, Drs. Nezhat, fuels hope for a brighter future for the millions of people worldwide affected by endometriosis. EndoMarch champions, along

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Call to action to end discriminatory endometriosis education in medical schools

As we asked in a previous blog post, how is it that so many medical schools continue to teach spectacularly outdated curricula on endometriosis & adenomyosis, which is riddled with harmful sexist & racist myths about one of the leading causes of disability, multi-organ failure, premature death, cancer-associated co-morbidities &

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Breaking News: Kale no match for Endometriosis Healthcare Structural Inequities

It shouldn’t need to be said, but here we are, again, reminding the world that people with Endometriosis did nothing to cause one of the most potentially destructive, excruciating, and incurable chronic inflammatory conditions on record to develop inside of their bodies. You did not think endometriosis into existence and

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Endometriosis Association of Dublin Marching for Rights & Reforms

The Founder of Endometriosis Association in Ireland, Kathleen King, hosted another outstanding Team Ireland EndoMarch in Dublin this past March 23, 2024. One attendee’s petition sign caught our eye, so we wanted to share it as one of the highlights of the day. You can follow Team Ireland on Instagram

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Founder/CEO at Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation, Doris Murimi, Advancing Advocacy in East Africa

In a recent interview with Author and Founder and CEO at Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation, Doris Murimi, we learned about her trailblazing advocacy work in East Africa, to advance endometriosis awareness, education, and early diagnosis in young girls. As an Endo Warrior herself, Doris was adversely impacted by undiagnosed

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Endometriosis in Men, Boys without Aneuploid Features

Endometriosis in men without aneuploid features has been recognized for more than half a century.  In most reported cases, it’s traditionally reported that these cases developed in connection with hormonal treatments for prostate cancer. In reality, there are also several cases in which no known hormonal treatments were taken. A

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Los Angeles City Hall Lit Yellow for Endo for the First Time

A big shout out to Sarah Yvonne, creator of the Instagram account, @sicker_than_your_average, who’s achieved an historic moment for the Endometriosis Community, by organizing the yellow lighting of Los Angeles City Hall, in solidarity with Endometriosis Fighters around the world as we amplify our advocacy work during Endometriosis Awareness Month

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Call to Action for Transgender Endometriosis Health Rights & Research

The needs of transgender people living with endometriosis are particular acute right now and must remain a priority for advocacy groups. Sharing stories is part of the solution, but more needs to be done to sound the alarm to healthcare researchers and practitioners in particular, in order to specifically address

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Team Colombia Passes an Historic Endometriosis Bill

Congratulations to Luz and her entire team at the Colombian Association of Endometriosis & Infertility (Team Colombia), for passing the historic, first ever, Endometriosis Bill in Colombia ! We recently spoke with Luz via Zoom, to discuss her nearly 6-year-long effort to convince Colombian legislators that this bill was urgently-needed,

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Endometriosis Organization of the Week

We’d like to give a big shout out to all of the dedicated Endometriosis Patient Activists from around the world, who are the true driving force behind the increased awareness about endometriosis, as well as advances in research and standards of care. Each week we like to highlight the outstanding

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Worldwide EndoMarch Names Safra Catz 2024 Endo Hero of the Year

Worldwide EndoMarch is excited to announce that Ms. Safra Catz, CEO of Oracle and Advisory Board Member, is the recipient of the 2024 Endo Hero of the Year Award. This recognition honors her outstanding commitment to advancing endometriosis awareness and care globally. Endo Hero of the Year: The Endo Hero

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Endometriosis Course by Endo Girls Blog

If you’ve been searching for an endometriosis educational resource that includes easy-to-understand foundational knowledge, then check out the following outstanding endometriosis educational resource created the founders of Endo Girls Blog. It’s called The Endo Course and they’ve generously offered it to the Endometriosis Community for free (though donations are appreciated

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Lexi’s Rally Against Endo: Uniting Voices in the Fight Against Endometriosis

March 9, 2024, marks a significant day for the endometriosis community in Atlanta, as Lexi, a passionate advocate and recent contestant on The Bachelor, takes the lead in organizing Lexi’s Rally Against Endo. This empowering event will be hosted at Chastain Park in Atlanta, GA, from 9:00 am to 11:00

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Virtual Endometriosis Conference: Speaker Lineup Announced!

📢 Exciting News! Meet the Trailblazers: Speakers Unveiled for Virtual Endometriosis Conference on March 23-24, 2024! 🌐🎤 Get ready for two days of inspiration, education, and empowerment with our incredible lineup of renowned specialists and advocates at the Virtual Endometriosis Conference hosted by Worldwide EndoMarch and AGCES. 🔗 Register Now

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From Pain to Progress: Navigating Endometriosis and Toasted Skin Syndrome

At the age of 16, I first sought medical care for abdominal pain and discomfort. Despite tests revealing normal results, I was informed that women sometimes experience pain. Throughout the years, I adjusted my lifestyle, incorporating exercise, modifying my diet, sitting only when necessary, and relying on painkillers—anything to cope

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Save the Date! Virtual Endometriosis Conference 2024

   Exciting Announcement! Mark your calendars for an event you don’t want to miss! We are thrilled to announce a two-day virtual gathering of world-renowned endometriosis pioneers and specialists on March 23rd and 24th, 2024.  They will be sharing their vast experience with endometriosis excision surgery, aiming to empower the younger

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Learn About the Disease

What is Endometriosis?

Thanks to the efforts of those leading the EndoMarch movement, endometriosis is now being recognized as one of the most potentially excruciating & destructive, whole-body chronic inflammatory diseases on record, which affects an estimated 1 in 5 women, girls, and persons assigned female at birth globally, according to Dr. Nezhat’s latest research (Nezhat et al., 2024). Conservatively speaking, that’s about as prevalent as diabetes (in the U.S.) and works out to roughly 15-20 million sufferers in the U.S., and approximately 400 million people worldwide.