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Founder/CEO at Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation, Doris Murimi, Advancing Advocacy in East Africa

In a recent interview with Author and Founder and CEO at Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation, Doris Murimi, we learned about her trailblazing advocacy work in East Africa, to advance endometriosis awareness, education, and early diagnosis in young girls.

As an Endo Warrior herself, Doris was adversely impacted by undiagnosed endometriosis for more than 30 years before finally obtaining a diagnosis due to her own self advocacy. With her health complicated by the comorbidity of fibroids, this helped spark Doris’ passion for advocacy in the field of endometriosis and menstrual health awareness in general, which led to the founding of Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation and the #YellowNailsMovement campaign. With Doris holding a special interest in helping reduce diagnostic delays in young girls, she launched an educational program in partnership with Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in 2020, Following this success, Doris authored her first book, ‘When Something is Wrong…Understanding Menstrual Disorders,’ in 2021.

The strategic goal of the Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation is to mainstream information dissemination on endometriosis, as well as to advance social justice for those living with endometriosis through:

1. Instituting a sustainable awareness model for Adolescents & Youth;

2. Strategic engagement of Key Actors;

3. Advocacy and Collaboration

The mission is to share information, educate, collaborate, advocate and encourage girls and women living with endometriosis and associated menstrual disorders. The Foundation was formed with the vision of promoting early diagnosis and keeping hope alive for endo warriors within East Africa.

Thank you, Doris, for all that you’ve done to fight so hard for Endometriosis Survivors.  You can support the impactful campaigns of Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation by joining the hashtag campaign, #yellownailsmovement, or following Endo Sisters East Africa Foundation on Instagram at @endosistersea, or on Facebook at @Endo Sisters of East Africa.