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Citizen Endo & EndoMarch Announce Partnership

On behalf of Dr. Camram Nezhat, Founder of Worldwide EndoMarch, we are excited to announce that EndoMarch has partnered with Citizen Endo, to help advance endometriosis research. Citizen Endo is a Columbia University research project, with IRB approval, created to better understand endometriosis. Their team has created a smartphone app, Phendo, which allows users to track their menstrual cycle, endometriosis symptoms, and receive self- management strategies.

If you are an endometriosis sufferer, or if you work with endometriosis patients who would like to help contribute to endometriosis research, while also having a useful tool for tracking symptoms, you can click here to download the Phendo app from the Apple Store, or click here to download from Google Play. Or, just text CURE4ENDO to 66866 to receive the Phendo app link.

To learn more about Phendo & Citizen Endo, you can click here, or email their team at And, you can keep up with Citizen Endo updates by following them on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook., To keep up with EndoMarch news, you can also follow us on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.  

Thank you again for your continued support of our global efforts to advocate for urgently needed endometriosis health care reforms and increased research funding for a cure and better care. 

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