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Congratulations to Dr. Elhadad, Phendo App Founder

Congratulation to our EndoMarch Fast-Track to the Cure grant recipient, Dr. Noemie Elhadad from Columbia University. Dr. Elhadad has spearheaded Citizen Endo, a research project, with IRB approval, aimed to better understand endometriosis. Her team has created a smartphone research app, called Phendo, which allows users to track their menstrual cycle, endometriosis symptoms, & includes self- management strategies. Download Phendo, available on iOS and Android, to track and monitor your symptoms and to contribute to endometriosis research! To learn more about Phendo, visit EndoMarch is excited to partner with Dr. Elhadad & Citizen Endo to help support endometriosis research through the Phendo App platform.

You can also text CURE4ENDO to 66866 to receive the link to the Phendo App.

And, keep up with updates from Dr. Elhadad & her team by following her personal Twitter, at @noemieelhadad, or the Citizen Endo Twitter at @citizen-endo.

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