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Atypical Endometriosis & Malignant Transformation


Did you know that there are some forms of endometriosis that are classified as atypical and may be considered as precursor lesions (precancerous)? 

How common are atypical lesions and will all of them undergo malignant transformation if left untreated?

Research is still limited, so we don’t really know for sure. However, for the question of prevalence, in one large meta-analysis, 8% of biopsied endometriotic growths were classified as atypical (Van Gorp et al, 2004).

More studies are needed (with better stratification), but preliminary reports like this at least suggest that atypical endometriotic lesions may be more common than previously thought.

Just more evidence that we need more research funding & more awareness about endometriosis, including atypical forms.

Click here to read more about atypical endometriosis and its association with malignant transformation.

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