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Premed Students Nominated for Advocacy Award

Picture above (L TO R): award recipients Shayla moore, Dr. Camran nezhat, Erica Mark, Jayne skinner, pavithra margaband, and komal saini, shown in their roles as co-directors of the 2019 san francisco endomarch.

Premedical students from San Jose State University, UC Berkeley, and UCLA , were recently chosen as the 2019 recipients of the Worldwide EndoMarch’s Women’s Health Leaders of the Future award, for their outstanding contributions in patient advocacy as volunteers for the Worldwide EndoMarch.

The student teams that helped lead this year’s incredibly successful EndoMarch events in San Francisco and at the UCLA campus have reached near legendary status here at the EndoMarch HQ, not only for the staggering number of volunteer hours they gave for the cause of endometriosis awareness, but for their grace under pressure as they managed their very first EndoMarch events with a combined total of over 700 participants.

When our EndoMarch HQ staff interviewed the team members, we learned that the students were all driven to make a difference because of their genuine concern for the plight of endometriosis sufferers, something they learned about while Fellows in the inaugural Endometriosis Fellowship Program we launched in the Summer of 2018.

From this experience alone, we can see that awareness and educational outreach does make a difference, not just for those who are suffering from one of the most potentially devastating diseases on record, but to help shine a path for future physicians who are determined to make a difference in the lives of patients.

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