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About Our Volunteers

About Our Volunteers

Our EndoMarch Supporters and Volunteers are the Absolute Best!

Heroes Rush In Where Angels Fear to Tread

We are thrilled to express our immense gratitude for our immense gratitude and admiration of the Team USA & Team International Chapter Presidents, Ambassadors, donors, and all other volunteers. Despite the odds, despite the staggering weight of institutional inertia standing in the way, these are the indomitable few who rush in to fight for medical justice where others fear to tread. One day historians will know the names of these fearless, selfless activists. We are so proud of our teammates and we will keep marching alongside of you until the “empire of medical mythology is shorn of its power to imperil people’s lives.” Indeed, we are the generation that finally said, enough is enough. Go Team End Endo!

Some key supporters are listed below, though this list is not comprehensive & we will continue to update it.


Brittany Roney

A special shout out and note of gratitude to Ms. Brittany Roney, Chair of the 2019 EndoMarch Gala & Fundraising Committees. Ms. Roney has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create an incredible evening of celebration and support for the endometriosis community.

Lily Kupa

Lily has been creating content on our website and social media. On the blog, she shares her perspective and experiences on facing endometriosis as a teenager. You can also find her on our Instagram, sharing up-to-date facts and information about endometriosis. Thank you, Lily!

EndoMarch Founding Members

A special word of appreciation to the EndoMarch Founding Members who were early supporters during the 1st EndoMarch in 2014. There were several hundred who helped during the first EndoMarch, so this list is far from comprehensive! However, here’s a list of those who remain active:

• Annie Antalek (Ohio)
• Melissa B. (Michigan)
• Christie Cozzer-Nester
• Christina Cruzpagan (Washington, DC)
• Heather Devich (Delaware)
• Dolores Gallegos (New Mexico)
• Jennifer Lumpkins (Maryland)
• Dawn P. & Cherese S. (Pennsylvania)

International Chapter Presidents & Teams 2019-2020

We are so thankful for our Chapter Presidents & Team Leaders from the International EndoMarch Chapters, who’ve contributed so much of their time & energy to this cause.

USA Team Leaders 2019-2020

• Boston – TBA
• Chicago – Sarah Witt & Julie Kuhn
• Cleveland – Annie Antalek
• Columbus – Devon Jolly
• Detroit (Event Team) – Melissa Boudrea & Brittany Highlands
• Detroit (Virtual Team) – Otaymah Bonds
• Hilton Head, SC – Rebecca Godfrey
• Houston – Michelle O.
• Las Vegas – Amy Courtney
• Long Island – Nicole DeOliveiera & Tiffany Letosky
• Los Angeles (Founding Team Leader) – Carolina Jovenich
• Los Angeles (at UCLA) – Sofia Kavanaugh
• Maryland – Jennifer Lumpkins & Team
• Mendocino – Amber Wasilewski
• Minnesota – Britt & the Minnesota Endo Warriors
• New Mexico – Dolores Gallegos
• Pennsylvania (Founding Team Leaders) – Dawn & Cherese
• Philadelphia – Christie Cozzer-Nester, Tiffany Letosky, & Kayla Whelan
• San Francisco – EndoMarch HQ Team
• Syracuse – Tafiea Stokes
• Washington, DC Chapter – EndoMarch HQ Team, Christina Cruzpagan, Jennifer Lumpkin & Howard University

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