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We’d like to congratulate this year’s fabulous line up of Worldwide EndoMarch and Nezhat Family Foundation award recipients, all of whom are inspirational leaders in the endometriosis advocacy community, who have gone above and beyond to support endometriosis sufferers and Worldwide EndoMarch awareness efforts. The dedication and compassion this year’s award recipients have shown to those suffering from endometriosis has made a lasting positive impact and no doubt each of these trailblazers will continue to soar as shining examples of the best and brightest in the field of patient advocacy.

Endo Activists of the Year

The Team USA 2019 Endo Activist of the Year recipients are listed below.

(Team International recipients will be posted soon).

Endo Activist of the Year Recipients for 2019 (Team USA), pictured above, from L to R: Rashawna Adams (Atlanta Chapter Co-President), Amy Courtney (Las Vegas Chapter President), Christina Cruzpagan (DC Chapter President), Nicole DeOliveira (NYC Chapter President), Devon Duffy (Columbus Chapter President), Riana Fonseca (Atlanta Chapter Co-President), Dolores Gallegos (New Mexico Chapter President), Rebecca Godfrey (South Carolina Chapter President), Christina Hayse (Founder, Cosmic Lotus), Carolina Jovenich (Founder, Endometriosis Partnership), Lauren R. Kornegay (Founder, Endo Black), Tiffany Letosky (Philadelphia Chapter President), Jennifer Clemens Lumpkins (Co-Founder, Endo Twins, and Maryland Chapter President), Kellye Palmer (DC EndoMarch Co-Host), Britt Pangerl (President, Minnesota Endo Warriors), Brittany Roney (EndoMarch Gala Chair & Sponsor), Nioma Sadler (Founder & CEO, WomenServe, Co-Founder, Traditional Medicinals Foundation), Holly Sanneman (Founder, American End of Endo Project), Tafiea Stokes (Syracuse Chapter President). Melissa Tison (Founder, Endo Invisible), Amber Wasilewski (Mendocino Chapter President), and Sarah Witt (Chicago Chapter Co-President). Recipients not pictured: Sofia Arellano (Founder, Endo Goddess International), Hema Balaji (Ambassador & Donor), Cassandra Bien-Aime, Brittany Highland (Founder, Detroit Endometriosis Warriors), Shelley Hopper (Founder, Speak up Speak Endo), Julie Kuhn (Chicago Chapter Co-President), Kristen McRobie (Founder, Endometriosis and Me), and Julie Prilling (Founder, Endo Stats).

Global Health Leaders of the Future

The Global Health Leaders of the Future award category is for EndoMarch volunteers who went above and beyond to support the endometriosis community. The 2019 recipients shown below include medical students from Howard University and premedical students from San Jose State University, U.C. Berkeley, and U.C.L.A (just to name a few), who demonstrated outstanding leadership and tireless advocacy for endometriosis sufferers and their families.

Congratulations again to this year’s award recipients; you are all truly leaders of the future, who have inspired all of us with your determination to make a positive impact in the lives of patients. medicine. (Team International winners from this category will be posted soon as well).

Women’s Health Leaders of the Future award recipients (Team USA), pictured above, from L to R: Camila Alvarado (Medical Student, Howard University), Lysa August (Medical Student, Howard University), Meisha Baker (Medical Student, Howard University), Adrienne Biskaduros (Premed Student, UCLA), Sydney Brown (Premed Student, UCLA), Onyekachi Ezeibe ((Medical Student, Howard University), Kenneth Fernandez (Student, UCSF, not pictured), Sofia Kavanaugh (Premed Student, UCLA), Pavithra Margabandu (Premed Student, UC Berkeley), Erica Mark (Enrolled Medical Student, Premed Student, UCLA), Brianna Miles (Medical Student, Howard University), Shayla Moore (Premed Student, San Jose State University), Reni Olu (Medical Student, Howard University), Crystal Roach (Medical Student, Howard University), Komal Saini (Premed Student, San Jose State University), Tina Seidu (Medical Student, Howard University), Jayne Skinner (Premed Student, UCLA), Rana (Premed Student, UCLA, not pictured), and Anuj Vaid (Premed Student, University of Washington).

Physician Partners Awards

For physician partners, we recognize outstanding contributions to the endometriosis community with our annual Endo Hero of the Year award. Profiles about past and current recipients will be posted here shortly.