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Call to action to end discriminatory endometriosis education in medical schools

As we asked in a previous blog post, how is it that so many medical schools continue to teach spectacularly outdated curricula on endometriosis & adenomyosis, which is riddled with harmful sexist & racist myths about one of the leading causes of disability, multi-organ failure, premature death, cancer-associated co-morbidities & mortalities, infertility, and hospitalization in women, girls, and persons assigned female at birth?

It isn’t enough to mererly state that change is needed. We must demand an end to the legacy of gender discrimination that is perpetuating the teaching of outdated endometriosis curricula, despite Title IV statutes which are supposed to prohibit such inequities in higher education.

Toward this end, stay tuned for updates on our upcoming partnership with the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) , which is helping medical schools create policies and programs for combatting these long-standing gender, racial, socioeconomic, disability-status, and countless other structural inequities embedded within medical school curricula.