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Endo Advocates Driving Forward Change!

Thank you to the trailblazing Endometriosis Advocates from around the world, who joined us recently for video interviews!

In this first of a series being aired during EndoMarch 2023 & Endometriosis Awareness Month 2023, you’ll hear from Alex, Creator & Host of the Invisible Iconic podcast (IG: @invisibleiconic), headquartered in Australia, Surita, Founder & President of MyEndoSis (IG: @,myendosis) headquartered in Malaysia, along with her teammates, Abby, MyEndoSis Executive Member, Kiran, MyEndoSis Executive Member, and Mohanita, MyEndoSis Executive Member, and Namira, Founder & President of E for Endometriosis (IG: @,e4endo) headquartered in Singapore.

As you’ll see, these leading Endometriosis Advocates have done a fantastic job of encapsulating the very dire issues that Endo Fighters around the world are still facing, despite increased awareness and despite the enactment of Endometriosis National Action Plans in some countries.

Thank again to these incredible health rights leaders, who are working around the clock to help advocate for urgently-needed patient protections and policy changes.