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Endometriosis Breakthrough: 1 Billion Reasons to Fight!

A monumental victory for women’s health! President Biden signed a groundbreaking executive order pledging a historic $12 billion for research and innovation. This, alongside groundbreaking research by the EndoMarch founders, Drs. Nezhat, fuels hope for a brighter future for the millions of people worldwide affected by endometriosis.

EndoMarch champions, along with other advocacy groups globally, are raising awareness, advocating for better education, and supporting research for one of the leading causes of disability and hospitalization in women, girls, and persons assigned female at birth. We believe everyone deserves a proper diagnosis, effective treatment, and ultimately, a cure (and ideally, a preventative method).

Elizabeth’s Story:

For years, Elizabeth, a vibrant artist, endured debilitating pain and later unexplained infertility until finally receiving an endometriosis diagnosis. “The constant discomfort and later unexplained infertility impacted every aspect of my life,” she shares. “EndoMarch’s work is a beacon of hope for millions like me.”

EndoMarch’s Commitment:

EndoMarch and the Nezhat Family Foundation have a long history of supporting universities globally leading the fight against endometriosis. Their ongoing contributions fuel vital research efforts. Notably, research by the EndoMarch founders, Drs. Nezhat, suggests the prevalence of endometriosis may be far greater than previously thought, potentially impacting nearly 1 billion people worldwide, significantly higher than the estimated 170 million.

Together, we can turn this tide. Here’s how you can make a difference:

Donate to Universities Leading Endometriosis Research: Consider universities like the University of California San Francisco, Northwestern University, Mayo Clinic, Yale University, Augusta University, Stanford University, Harvard University, University of North Carolina, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Oxford University, or International School of Surgical Anatomy. You can also research universities in your area or with specific research interests that resonate with you to donate directly.

Raise Awareness: Share this message and information about endometriosis with your network. Some hashtags that others are using include EndometriosisAwareness ResearchForACure 1BillionReasons to spread the word.

Advocate for Change: Contact your elected officials and urge them to support continued funding for endometriosis, women’s health in general, transgender health, and combatting health disparities in historically minoritized and/or marginalized communities. Your voice matters!

Join the Endomarch Community: Visit our website,, to learn more about our initiatives, connect with others, and stay informed about the latest advancements in endometriosis research and treatment.

Together, we can create a world where endometriosis is understood, diagnosed effectively, and treated successfully. Let’s turn this groundbreaking research and historic funding into a brighter future for millions.

Forward we go! 🎗