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Official EndoMarch Teams Recaps for 2024, Plus Administrative Updates

This is just a brief post to give a few updates & shout outs to EndoMarch teams from around the world, who have been working overtime during this past March for Endometriosis Action Month 2024.

Our volunteers are working as quickly as possible to put together social media-shareable highlight videos for EndoMarch 2024, showcasing all of the global efforts to raise awareness and take action to help restore hope to millions whose lives have been devastated, not only by Endometriosis itself, but by the massive, systemic failures of medical systems and ministries of health around the world.

On the administrative side of things, we’d also like to mention that we’re working behind the scenes to address an issue concerning the use of the EndoMarch logo by entitites which are no longer a part of the official EndoMarch coalition, due to potential conficts of interest. Although there are procedures in place to ensure official EndoMarch affiliates follow EndoMarch policies and complete a team renewal application annually, it appears there have been a couple of cases, particularly in the 2023-2024 timeframe, where our policies and/or required application processes have been bypassed or otherwise contravened. Our sincere apologies for any distress this may have caused. We are working as fast as possible to not only rectify these issues, but are reviewing and updating all policies to ensure additional safeguards are in place for future years, so that EndoMarch can remain a nonprofit-based, pharma-free, potion-free, patient-led and/or patient-endometriosis specialist safe awareness space that is inclusive to all people suffering from endometriosis.

In the meantime, stay tuned for a list Official EndoMarch teams from 2024 that we’ll be posting on this page soon, or click here to see a few which have aleady been listed for the 2024 year.

For legacy teams*, you can see one of our archived website pages here for pre-pandemic international teams, or here for pre-pandemic USA-based teams. (*Please note, some of the organizations listed may, again, no longer be current EndoMarch affiliates, due to a change in policies or leadership from the original patient-led teams, with whom we originally partnered back in 2013).

As for legacy videos*, some of our favorite from various years and sources include: this one from the inaugural 2014 international teams shout outs, here for the full livestream of the Team USA inaugural march on Washington in 2014 , here for reasons for marching from 2014, here for year 2022 highlights from around the world, here for a moving speech by Team Nevada’s Fiona Jane in 2015, here for a call to action video from 2013, here for Christina’s Team San Francisco beautiful speech in 2019, here for footage from Dr. Camran Nezhat’s speech at the the inaugural Washington, DC EndoMarch in 2014, here for Team Spain Catalunya 2015, and so many more countless heroic efforts, many of which can be found on our EndoMarch YouTube Channel. (*Please note, some earlier videos may not reflect today’s gender-inclusive language or iconography. Older videos may also not reflect updated prevalence rates, which are now reported as closer to 1 in 5-6 of women, girls, and persons assigned female at birth).

And just one more quick administrative update to say that our website is under construction. We appreciate your kind patience and will most definitely look forward to the long-awaited relaunch in the next few months, which will include updated downloadable and social-media shareable resources.