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Save the Date! Virtual Endometriosis Conference 2024


📢 Exciting Announcement! Mark your calendars for an event you don’t want to miss!

We are thrilled to announce a two-day virtual gathering of world-renowned endometriosis pioneers and specialists on March 23rd and 24th, 2024. 🗓️ They will be sharing their vast experience with endometriosis excision surgery, aiming to empower the younger generation of endometriosis subspecialists and educate the general public, including patients with endometriosis and their families and communities.

During this comprehensive event, we will cover everything from basic science to cutting-edge excisional surgical techniques and the latest advancements in diagnostic modalities. Notably, new noninvasive diagnostic tests on the horizon will be a key focus of discussion.

Topics on the agenda include the various methods of excisional surgical management for endometriosis, encompassing locations such as the bowel, bladder, ureter, diaphragm, lungs, liver, ovaries, nerves, skin, etc. We will explore minimally invasive surgical techniques, including those involving the use of robots, lasers, radiofrequency, plasma jet, cold scissors, ultrasound energy, and more. Additionally, we’ll discuss methods to control bleeding with hemostatic agents. Presentations by trained endometriosis specialists in various fields, including acupuncture, physical therapy, sex therapy, nutrition, and more, will further enrich our knowledge.

But that’s not all! We are thrilled to have Worldwide EndoMarch chapters and other endometriosis groups from around the globe sharing their valuable experiences and remarkable advancements they’ve made in raising awareness about endometriosis within their communities.

The best part? Registration and participation are absolutely FREE for all attendees, thanks to the generous support of the Nezhat Family Foundation and Worldwide EndoMarch. 🌍❤️

If you feel inspired to support this important cause further, we welcome your donations to Worldwide EndoMarch. Click here to contribute:

Join us on March 23rd and 24th, 2024, as we come together virtually to make a difference in the fight against endometriosis. Let’s create a brighter future for those affected by this condition. Stay tuned for more updates! 🎉

Forward we go! 🎗️

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