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Virtual EndoMarch 2023


Click here to watch the replay of Virtual EndoMarch 2023 (Part 1) on YouTube!
Click here to watch the replay Virtual EndoMarch 2023 (Part 2) on YouTube! 

Join tens of thousands of Endometriosis Survivors and their families from around the world on Saturday, March 25, 2023, as we unite together for the 10th Annual Worldwide Endometriosis March (EndoMarch) to help fight for Endometriosis Health Care Justice and Equality.

In this year’s virtual presentations, we’ll be showcasing the incredible advocacy work of Endometriosis organizations and individuals from all over the world, who are fighting for urgently-needed health care policy reforms and updates to standards of care guidelines that reflect patient-identified needs.

We’ll also hear from individual #EndoFighters and #EndoAllies, who are speaking out, with the hope that their voices will help drive forward urgently-needed reforms to ensure that equality in healthcare and public health policies becomes a reality instead of remaining just a hashtag.

* Note: Some teams host their EndoMarch events on different dates. Check with your team’s hosts for details or email us at for assistance.


You can help drive change forward by tagging us on EndoMarch Day, Saturday, March 25, 2023, on Instagram at @wwendomarch, TikTok at @worldwide_endomarch, Facebook at @Worldwide EndoMarch, or Twitter at @WWEndoMarch, with your virtual awareness efforts, and we’ll do our best to include your messages as part of this year’s outreach efforts to medical schools & elected officials, including to President Biden, all 50+ U.S. State Governors, and Congress (House/Senate). Some of the USA Teams will also be hosting Livestreams on EndoMarch Day, which you would be able to tag & join as well. Stay tuned for additional details on these and other fronts coming soon.


Stay tuned also for updates about various teams from around the world that may be hosting live EndoMarch events or other programs throughout the month of March, as well as year-round.


We are happy to support any hashtags that your own organization has been using to raise awareness about Endometriosis. For the 2022-2023 timeframe, Team USA has been using the following hashtags:

#EndoMarch2023 #Endometriosis #EndoEqualityNow #EndoEduInMedSchoolsNow EndEndoInequality #EndoJusticeNow #EndometriosisReformsNow #changetheguidelines #changethecurricula #SeeSayStopEndo #GoYellow4Endo #forwardwego


#Endometriosis is a chronic, systemic (whole-body) inflammatory disease that can potentially cause incapacitating pain, multi-organ failure, infertility, and other severe and sometimes life-threatening medical consequences if inadequately treated. Described as one of the top ten most painful conditions on record, Endometriosis is also potentially one of the most destructive chronic diseases on record, reigning as the leading cause of school absences in girls and the third leading cause of hospitalization in women, girls, and people assigned female at birth (and a cause for hospitalization in an unknown number of cisgender men, intersex, nonbinary and transgender people).

Contrary to popular beliefs, Endometriosis is not a reproductive tract disease, but one which can potentially cause severe chronic symptoms throughout the entire body, such as system-wide crippling pain, severe chronic fatigue, immune & endocrinologic dysfunction, and damage to multiple organs and tissues, including the bowel, bladder, ureters, diaphragm, muscles, musculoskeletal structures, nerves, lungs, and liver. Endometriosis is also very common, with a prevalence on par with diabetes in women (older est. 1 in 8-10), which works out to an estimated 200 million people around the world who are affected. 

Endometriosis is also very common, with a prevalence on par with diabetes in women (older est. 1 in 8-10), which works out to an estimated 200 million people around the world who are affected. (Emerging research nearly doubles these figures, to an estimated 400 million people worldwide).  


As a result of decades-long dismissive, discriminatory treatment, the vast majority of patients face years of outright discriminatory denials or insurmountable barriers to specialist care because Endometriosis continues to be dismissed as ‘normal’ or ‘just a bad period’, when in fact it’s a leading cause of hospitalization, confers an almost 4-fold increased risk of certain cancers (it’s associated with approximately 10% of ovarian cancers, the most deadly form of gynecologic cancer in the U.S.) and has the potential to cause or be associated with life-threatening kidney failure, life-threatening chronic lung collapse, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, increased risk of early onset neurodegenerative disease, crippling degenerative bone disease, and loss of many organs & fertility.  African American Endometriosis sufferers are experiencing even worse outcomes than White Endometriosis patients, including higher mortality rates of certain Endometriosis-associated ovarian cancers and significantly longer diagnostic delays. Nonbinary, intersex, and Endo siblings from LGBTQIA+ communities also experience increased discrimination, including outright denials of care, all of which leads to significantly worse outcomes as well. The end result of these systemic health care failures is that patients with Endometriosis are dying or being seriously injured from suicide/attempted suicide, accidental opioid/pain medication overdoses, preventable surgical complications, preventable upstaging or misdiagnosis of deadly cancers, and/or preventable severe adverse side effects of inappropriately prescribed medications. 


We believe that this campaign is absolutely necessary to achieve the following goals:


• To unite womxn and their supporters to take a stand against Endometriosis


To raise awareness about endometriosis and its effects on women, girls, persons assigned female at birth, nonbinary, intersex and trans individuals, and cisgender men

• To educate and train members of the medical community, in order to promote early detection and improved treatment

Effect Change

• To find a cure for Endometriosis, and to develop non-invasive diagnostic tests

• To improve health screenings for Endometriosis among adolescents in public schools

• To work with our government and congress to allocate funding for Endometriosis

* To ensure that Endometriosis Health Care Justice and Equality is a reality instead of a hashtag


Worldwide Endometriosis March (Worldwide EndoMarch) has ignited a global Endometriosis uprising & is leading the fight for urgently-needed Endometriosis Health Care Reforms. Since its founding in 2013, there have been at least 300,000 EndoMarchers from 70+ countries who’ve helped effect major policy changes, pass bills, increase research funding, and dramatically increase worldwide awareness about the plight of millions around the world who’ve been living in the shadows of silence, stigma, & the healthcare sector’s indifference for far too long. As an internationally-coordinated awareness campaign, there are dozens of Founding Members from around the world, with U.S. founders being Dr. Camran Nezhat, Dr. Farr Nezhat, Dr. Ceana Nezhat, Dr. Azadeh Nezhat, and Barbara Page.


Worldwide EndoMarch is hosted annually by the Nezhat Family Foundation & Worldwide EndoMarch Volunteers from Team California (IG @wwendomarch), located in Woodside, California. We’d love to be in touch, so DM us on Instagram at @wwendomarch or on TikTok at @worldwide_endomarch, or via email at, for more details. Thank you again for your support!

Part 1 
Part 2

Thanks to our virtual event production team, We & Goliath for their help with this year’s event.